The future of money is stateless
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Kusama is an early, highly experimental version of Polkadot presenting real economic conditions.

You're able to nominate 16 different validators, so be sure to nominate all of our addresses to ensure your stake is distributed in an optimal way to maximize your yield:

đŸ”’STATELESS_MONEY-2đŸ”’/1 View on Cdaq3iUobZLYD2d8oqRQf1VKuRo6H64KsMBgJyxap4ZnARX
đŸ”’STATELESS_MONEY-2đŸ”’/3 View on HvdGhdYcsJcSVBYnUEtHGpzV5A4XunjYWi8HAK8bGLvXdAb
đŸ”’STATELESS_MONEY-2đŸ”’ View on HZvvFHgPdhDr6DHN43xT1sP5fDyzLDFv5t5xwmXBrm6dusm

Our fee for Kusama validation is 5%.

Not sure how to select us as a validator? Watch the video below or you can read "How to nominate a validator on Kusuma & Polkadot". Still stuck? Join us on telegram and we will personally walk you through the process.