The future of money is stateless
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A scalable, heterogeneous multichain.

Polkadot is a platform with low barriers to entry for flexible, autonomous economies acting together within Polkadot’s shared security umbrella.

You're able to nominate 16 different validators, so be sure to nominate all five of our addresses to ensure your stake is distributed in an optimal way to maximize your yield:

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🔒stateless_money🔒/1 View on 14Vh8S1DzzycngbAB9vqEgPFR9JpSvmF1ezihTUES1EaHAV
🔒stateless_money🔒/2 View on 19z6EGB9qgN7MsQACNYCmotAVb8FNL11JiXg7FV1hs6w3nc
🔒stateless_money🔒/3 View on 12bgSoZzQifHbaS7KN54mFjgHM38zLoE3tFHs3JxTefnGhnE
🔒stateless_money🔒/4 View on 13mWJKWC7yMmniurL7nY1edzAzDacJatUWUYsZPLCC1TgkKx

Go to Polkadot.js to nominate us now!

Our fee for Polkadot validation is 5%.

Not sure how to select us as a validator? Watch the video below or you can read "How to nominate a validator on Kusuma & Polkadot". Still stuck? Join us on telegram and we will personally walk you through the process.